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Innovative products for when you're not there In a world that is increasingly connected, we create innovative wireless cameras, apps and services that help you keep in touch with whatever is important to you – your home, business, family, baby or loved ones – through your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Choose the right solution for you: Bronx introduces the first families in its new small business safety and security product range, which represent a breakthrough in professional quality and reliable solutions at affordable prices.

Ideal for all small- to medium-sized installations, Bronx small business solutions bring professional quality security into the realm of applications such as small business, retail and schools.

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Security is a fundamental aspect of our lives. We rely on good systems to help prevent crime, warn us before danger strikes, enable groups to communicate effectively, or simply get things running safely and smoothly. Bronx creates a broad range of quality security solutions. Whatever your security needs, Bronx has an answer. With extensive experience, Bronx is your dependable choice for now and the future.

The Video Management System from Bronx enables complete management and recording of all video surveillance elements. High-resolution CCTV cameras can continuously monitor groups approaching and entering the stadium, as well as bleachers to identify offenders.

Special directional microphones can be used to record events, as well as PTZ cameras identify movement in all weather conditions, thus also helping to prevent operations from being disturbed by any criminal activity.

Additionally, Bronx Advanced Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) enables self-developed early detection of suspicious behavior and identification of abandoned luggage. Tracking cameras can help verify or disprove alarms, alerting the security operator as appropriate. A “forensic search” function permits fast retrieval of relevant video sequences.

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